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The monster is coming. How good that we are in our home, Mari-Mari. How good that we are safe, watching dark blue clouds just from the distance. Just few days ago we were in such a storm, in a tiny vessel, desperately fighting to go back home.    

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Evening is comming, but is so calm and so warm. We are going to take last swim and later shower under cold water, squeaking like a crazy. And later, after a dinner I will sit down on our favourite rock and will just rest, enjoing of the gentle breeze and stars. Our time in Mari-Mari is just about to be finish..    

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We went snorkling and we got cought in a pretty heavy storm. It hit us suddenly. There was no other option than to go forward. Waves were too big to do anything else. It was so cold, windy and scary. We hide ourself behind a flat, rocky island, but still it was so terryfying. We didnt know how long we would have to stay there – minuets, hours, all night? We were freezing, some of us almost naked. At the ...

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Monsoons inhale

This morning was very quiet. Sunlight was foggy, sky milky and sea kind of grey. On the beach was a lot of leaves with goldish reddish colours. I was cleaning it, feeling pretty blue, like in Poland during October.. And although midday sun went through milky clouds, and smog was dancing in beams through a vividly green tropical forest, still I felt pretty blue. I was raking colorful leaves with a feeling of inevitable change approching the world. Monsoon was ...

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Our volunteer work in Mari-Mari, Perhentian Islands

  Here is Mari-Mari, our quiet, green and turquoise heaven, where we are living, doing volunteer work.           We are working bit by bit and taking breaks for snorkling or playing on the beach.     In spare time we also do homeschooling. From Sara, our Penang host, we got great children’s pre-school books with quizes. Gaja loves to working on them.       In Mari-Mari there is neither electricity nor telephone signal. Of course ...

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