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Neighbours of Isma

In Marang, Terrengany we spend tremendous few days. Before we left, we had a breakfast with neighbours of Isma. Awang was a friend of Ismas father, and both with his wife were friends of Isma now. And as a friend, my host was generously supporting them with money. They couldnt work. Awang had a serious heart attack, his wife dedicated herself to him. He needed her constatn help. Their life was difficult by no means. But their faith was helping ...

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Last morning

The very last morning welcomed us with stunning eruption of colours and shapes. Sea was tempting me with promicingly cool, turquoise waves was hissing to my ear welcome news from my underwater friends. Yes, I would like to meet it. It would be our last time..    

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Evening came with a all shadows of gold painted by invisible hand of sun. All of us just ran to the beach, to be petrified by astonishing tints of velvet clouds, softly reflected by quiet surfice of the sea.. The farewell time was still in front of us..      

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Eddy cooks really good. Always we have some leftovers. Eddy is leaving it for later, but never is eating. So in the morning our kitchen is full of food – on the floor, on tables, on stove.. But I cannot throw away this food to the trash. It is still food. So Im carrying it to the jungle, leaving it for jungle’s inhabitant. At least they can take advantage of it.

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Today, when I steped into the kitchen I noticed that Eddy hadnt put leftovers to the fridge. Piece of chicken definitely was gone so I decided to give it to our little, black kitty, Mingo. So I put it into her bowl and calling her name went to clean tables. Our guest was just about to ask me for their’s morning coffee. When I got back, I saw big, fatty waran voraciously eating up Mingo’s meal. it was looking at ...

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Our little home, our little room, full of life. Bats, ants, cockroaches, mice, scuirrels, ok, it is normal. But today something strange came out from our wooden wall. Came out and flew or maybe crawled away, Im not sure as I couldnt see it properly. Mosquitiera prevent me from it. Well, our little home is really full of life..      

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Hungry sea

  We had strong winds last night. When I got up to see what was going on, I saw agressive waves eating up our beach. In the morning I couldnt believed what I saw. A good part of our beach was gone. I cannot imagine what goes on here during the monsun time.      

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My little gir has just asked me why sky changes colors during sunset? Why is firstly yellow, later orange, red and purple? I remember something from my school, but still I find it not enough to explain this beauty to my daughter. So – will you help me with your knowledge, please?..  

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  I cannot remember time when we eat so much and had such a good, Malay food. I could cook, so I was making great, big and yummy breakfast and kind of Polish lunch, but dinner. Dinner was always made by Eddy, who is the most excellent cook ever. It was always orgia of flavours, excellent mix of malay, indian and chineese cusine, something unforgettable, something what we could experience only because of our work in Mari-Mari. Having this kind ...

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Mari-Mari is our

Yesterday our boss took us for a dinner to Alunan, beautiful resort at the very end of our beach. We had a nice meal and spoke with many friends who are working there. Also came general manager, who ask Eddi if he needs someone to help him during monsun season. When Gaja learn about that she was more than suprised. – Somebody new??? To work in Mari-Mari??? Why, mum??? – said to me – Mari-Mari is our place. WE are ...

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