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Today, when I steped into the kitchen I noticed that Eddy hadnt put leftovers to the fridge. Piece of chicken definitely was gone so I decided to give it to our little, black kitty, Mingo.

So I put it into her bowl and calling her name went to clean tables. Our guest was just about to ask me for their’s morning coffee.

When I got back, I saw big, fatty waran voraciously eating up Mingo’s meal. it was looking at me with a pretty bad eye, but didnt totally bother by my presence. So I retreated slowly and as soon as I was beyond his sight I just run to get my camera.

When I went back, there was no chicken in kitty’s bowl. Waran, full and satisfied was treaded slowly towards a forest. I took maybe 2 pictures when he ran away with an unexpected speed, disappearing in the jungle..

That was nor first neighter last time when waran visited our kitchen.


waran w kuchni




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